Golightly Insurance Services

Golightly Insurance Services

My name is David Golightly, motorcyclist and insurance broker. I wanted the best insurance cover a motorcyclist can get so I designed this one to be the best. It carries my name so it has to be.

My riding mates know two things about me for sure, one is I am usually the last to arrive and secondly they know if the worst happens I am there for them.

You cannot buy that sort of recommendation!

Still working on the last to arrive bit.

If you join our group of motorcycling friends by taking this cover you will have the best we can provide.

If you think we can do better, I want to know about it.

So call me on (03) 357 2428 or toll free 0508 465 444 - anytime if I am out riding leave a message and I will reply when I return.

Know of any good rides? I'd love to hear about them.

Ride safely.

David Golightly


Email me for a form and further details.

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